Location of Singapore & IMSC

Facts about Singapore


5.85 million


National Language is Malay but most Singaporeans speaks 2 languages (English + mother tongue)


26°C to 35°C


Singapore consists of primarily Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians and others and live harmoniously with each other.

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There are many religions in Singapore due to the diverse mix of people originating from various countries.

Buddhism 33.2%
Taoism 11%
Christianity 18.7%
Islam 14%
Hinduism 5%
Sikhism & Others 0.6%
None 17.5%

Getting Around Singapore

Public Transportation

Public transportation is the most convenient way to get around Singapore – Bus and MRT (Train).

An ez-link card is what you require to load money in to pay for your transportation fares on the bus or MRT.


$5 (Re-usable Card) + $7 (Stored Value) = $12

Where to Buy?

Passenger Service Centres within most MRT Stations

Translink Ticket Offices

How to Use Ez-Link Card on Bus?

Tap when you enter the bus, 2 machines at the front of the bus.

Tap before you exit the bus, 2 machines at the back of the bus.

How to Use Ez-link Card on MRT?

1.Tap in at the gantry to enter. 2.Tap out at the gantry to exit.

Note the arrow/colour when entering/exiting.

Food In Singapore

Cheaper Alternatives

Generally a meal at the following places range between $3 to $5.50

Food Choices around IMSC

The following are the cheaper alternatives for food nearby IMSC: