Further your education with IMSC

As the Premier Private Education Institution in Sports in Singapore, IMSC has, together with its associate company, a lot more to offer all our students. From professional certifications to continuing education courses, IMSC students will have access to a wide variety of courses and workshops that are designed to give them the edge in their future careers.

To defray the cost involved in furthering their education, all IMSC students undertaking any of our professional certification courses will be given IMSC Skills Credits, valued at S$500, that they may be used to pay for any other programmes (e.g., Professional Certification Courses or Continuing Education Programmes) offered by IMSC and its associate company.

These range from professional certification courses such as internationally-recognised Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist certifications, to continuing education courses such as Fitness Nutrition and Exercise Prescription for Special Population courses.

The IMSC Skills Credits

Mindful of the cost involved in furthering their education, the team at IMSC has initiated this new programme known as the IMSC Skills Points. The IMSC Skills Points is specially designed for our academic students, and is aimed at providing them with the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential, as well as realise their aspirations by taking advantage of a wide range of professional certifications and continuing education courses that IMSC has to offer.

What can the IMSC Skills Credits be used for?

Any Professional Certification Courses, or Continuing Education Programme offered by IMSC and its associate company!

How will I benefit?

As an academic student with IMSC, you can get a head-start in your career by:

  • Acquiring relevant skills valued by the industry;
  • Attaining industry-recognised qualifications / certifications; and
  • Defray the fees incurred in furthering your education.

How do I apply?

Subject to the terms below, there is no need to apply! All you have to do is to sign on for any of our academic programmes!

So, what are the terms and conditions?

The terms are simple!

  • You have to sign up for any of our full-time / part-time academic programmes, and pay the application fees.
  • You have to pay the first instalment of the course fees payable for the programme (where applicable).
  • You are not to withdraw from the academic programme within the first two months of the relevant academic programme.
  • Each student is only entitled to a one-time grant of S$500 IMSC Skills Credits. This is regardless of the number of full-time / part-time academic programmes that you may sign up with IMSC.
  • The IMSC Skills Points may be used in conjunction with any promotion that IMSC may offer, from time to time, to its students.
  • All IMSC Skills Credits are to be utilised by 31 December 2019. All unused IMSC Skills Credits will be forfeited.

When is this effective?

1 December 2016! The IMSC Skills Credit applies to the following groups:

  • All existing IMSC academic students (full-time or part-time) as at 1 December 2016 (i.e., students who have yet to complete their respective academic programme with IMSC as at 1 December 2016); and
  • Anyone who has signed up for an academic programme with IMSC from 1 December 2016.