The following entities are our Approved and Active External Student Recruitment Agents:

No. Agent Name Country Effective Start Date Effective End Date
1 Prithvi Overseas India 1-Aug-18 31-Jul-24
2 Charlie Group India 1-Feb-19
3 Sai Overseas Education Services India 1-Aug-19 31-Jul-24
4 Winzoy Education India 8-Aug-19 7-Aug-24
5 Global Overseas Consultants India 1-Nov-19 31-Oct-24
6 SEI Campus Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka  1-Jul-22 30-Jun-23
7 International Training Institute India 20-Aug-20 19-Aug-23
8 CSP Square International Pte Ltd India 1-Jul-22 30-Jun-23
9 XI3 Consulting Pte Ltd India 13-Apr-21 12-Oct-23
10 BK Immigration India 13-Jan-22 12-Jan-25
11 VFS Overseas Education Consultants Pte Ltd India 22-Mar-22
12 Kego Overseas Pte Ltd India 5-May-22 4-May-23
13 Study India 23-Jun-22 22-Jun-23
14 Management Academy (Singapore) Pte Ltd Vietnam 9-May-22 8-May-23
15 West Way Overseas India 1-Aug-22 31-Jul-23
16 UV Overseas India 8-Dec-22 7-Dec-23
17 FUTURA Study Abroad LLP India 15-Dec-22 14-Dec-23
18 Edification Overseas Education India 18-Nov-22 17-Nov-23
19 North Coast Visa Group India 3-Feb-23 2-Feb-24
20 Experiential Learning Education Pte Ltd Vietnam, Thailand, Laos. Cambodia 13-Mar-23 12-Mar-24
21 SkillsFutureLearning Vietnam, Singapore 10-Mar-23 9-Mar-24
Updated as of 15 March 2023


The following entities consists of Inactive External Student Recruitment Agents:

No. Agent Name Country Expired
1 Asia Pacific Overseas Education Consultants Pvt Ltd India 1-Feb-21
2 Link Consultancy India 7-Feb-21
3 Career Xpertz India 1-Oct-20
4 Trinity International Holdings (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka 1-Apr-21
5 Renovize Consultants India  1-Apr-21
6 Minhas Overseas India 1-Jun-21
7 Star Edge Solution Pte Ltd India 5-Aug-21
8 ESS Global Pte Ltd India 1-Dec-21
9 Rudra Consultants India 1-Jan-22
10 Sisi Edu Consultants (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka 1-Jan-22
11 Satson Overseas India 10-Jan-22
12 Vcan Eduation and Immigration India 15-Jan-22
13 Munro International Educational Consultants India 15-Jan-22
14  Top Career Consultant India 15-Jan-22
15 Study Square Australia Pty Ltd India, Australia & Nepal 7-Feb-22
16 Ishar Overseas Education Consultants India
17 Excela Solution Pte Ltd India & Vietnam 15-Jul-22
18 Edupal Associates Pte Ltd India, Vietnam & Sri Lanka 20-Oct-22
19 Excela Edutech Pvt Ltd India  16-Jul-22
Updated as of 22 December 2022