Date/Time & Location

Date and Time

29 June (Saturday), 10am to 1pm


1 Stadium Pl, #01-11, Singapore 397628,

2 minutes walk from Stadium MRT Exit A

Event Outline






10am – 11am


The Biomechanical Breakthrough

In the ever-evolving world of sports science, the fusion of technology and biomechanics has opened new avenues for optimizing athletic performance. The Biomechanical Breakthrough workshop will delve into the transformative power of technology in sports, focusing on how video analysis can be a game-changer for both coaches and athletes. Attendees will explore how to leverage simple, cost-effective video analysis software to refine and perfect one of the foundational exercises in strength training: the squat.



Mohamed Faizul Bin Abdul Wahid

· Lecturer at IMSC School of Sports & Fitness Training

· Previously was a Sports Physiologist at the Singapore Sports Institute For 6 Years

· Currently a Sports Science Consultant for the Football Association of Singapore



11am – 12pm



The Alumni Ascendants

Over the years, IMSC have trained many individuals who have made significant impacts in the world of fitness. Leonard, Deputy Manager of Geylang International Football Club and a member of the Alumni Ascendants, will share his inspiring stories. Through his tales of success and transformation, Leonard hopes to motivate attendees to pursue their own fitness goals. These stories will serve as powerful examples, igniting the drive and ambition of the next generation of fitness enthusiasts.

Leonard Koh

· Completed IMSC’s Diploma in Sports Science & Coaching

· Currently a Deputy General Manager at Geylang International Football Club




12.15pm – 1pm


The Velocity Vortex

Discover the transformative power of BlazePods in the legendary Speed Realm. With these interactive LED pods, attendees will elevate their speed training through dynamic drills and challenges. Guided by expert trainers, participants will push their limits and refine their agility, reaction time, and coordination. Earn the prestigious title of "Speed Savants" as you master explosive movements and unlock your full athletic potential with BlazePods.

Farij Bin Samsudi

· Lecturer at IMSC School of Sports & Fitness Training

· Has a Masters of Science (Sports & Exercise Studies) from NTU and 10 years coaching experience


Why You Should Join Our Open House

1. Experience Technology in Action

  • Attendees can witness firsthand the innovative use of technology in practical classes, such as an advanced video software analysis. See how this cutting-edge technology is integrated into our curriculum to enhance learning and provide real-world skills.


2. Exclusive Incentives for Attendees

  • Attendees who join the open house and sign up within a week will receive a special gift - free AirPods or an Apple Watch (subject to terms and conditions). This limited-time offer is a great opportunity to join our community and enjoy exclusive benefits


3. Meet Faculty and Alumni:

  • Get the chance to meet our dedicated faculty and successful alumni. Learn about their experiences, ask questions, and gain insights into the supportive and vibrant community you could be a part of. Discover how our alumni have leveraged their education to achieve their career goals.

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Proud Graduates/ Current Students of IMSC (Many More!)

Ikhsan Fandi, Singaporean Footballer, Diploma in Sports Science & Management

Madhu M Mohana, Singaporean Footballer, Diploma in Sports Science & Coaching

Siti Khadijah Binte Mohamad Shahrem, National Silat Fighter, Diploma of Higher Education In Sport & Exercise Science

Valerie Koh Ruiqi, National Hockey Athlete, Diploma In Sports Science and Management